The one thing leads to the next.

Follow how the scenes are built.

Something is happening, maybe a spy is lying, so you change your tack and pretend to retreat, drawing in our spy. 

The one thing leading to the next.

The spy’s lying leads you to your switch. 

See how the writer wrote the flow of the situation and how your character follows the movement.

It’s simple, isn’t it? 

But key. 

Now you are backtracking, trying to lure our spy into giving over the information. Suddenly our spy reveals news, a secret that you didn’t know she had. Leading you onto something new.

Learn the simple progress of the scene. It may seem obvious, but the naturalness of how life unfolds—one thing leading to the next – is very grounding.

You can’t add anything too flowery on the top of the scene until you have a nice solid base.