Work away to come back.

Always be looking to have your face away from the camera. You might think you need to always be looking in the other actor’s eyes.

Decide what is suitable and most useful.

If time has passed in the scene you might be looking down or away in thought.

Looking away means you can come back. Opposites. That back and forth really suits a frame

It’s the old idea in art of disappearing to reappear.

You need to be ‘in thought’ while acting on screen and looking down or away allows that. Playing truthfully will produce that naturally anyways.

Where you’re looking can signify how much attention you are giving the other character. You are always in the situation but that does not mean you are always giving a hundred per cent of your attention to the other character.

When something gets all your attention you look back at the other character; eyes close to the frame. 

This sweep through the frame helps you make your point. 

Ebb and flow is sweet on camera – it’s you making particular use of the medium.