‘I should have done better.’

What are your expectations take after take?

Shooting a television series is done quickly over long hours, and if you’re a regular it will be all you can do to remember your lines.

Those are the conditions.

Within those conditions you’ll want to have realistic expectations, so you don’t end up disappointed after every scene you shoot.

You’ll lean in with every take and try to be as truthful as you can. You can’t force that. But try not to judge how deep you go. The next take you’ll try again, lightly, and with as much ease as you can, meaning it. Leaning in again and again until,

…they say: ‘Moving on.’  Then you know you’ve done your job.

There is no pure end to acting a scene anyway. So, don’t search for it only to end up disappointed that you didn’t find it. 

You already have enough disappointments as an actor.

What is clear is that you prepared your scene, tried your best, and they were happy with it. 

That’s doing your job.