‘I think they liked it’.

When the audition ends and they stick up their thumbs and say: ‘Good job, great, perfect’ it doesn’t mean you got the part.

It mostly just means: ‘Thank-you’.

An audition is only the middle with no beginning or end.

If there were a beginning you and the director would have discussed the role, rehearsed it, and then, when it was polished, you’d film it. And the end would have been the two of you discussing the work, analyzing it, summarizing it.

That doesn’t happen.

All that happens in an audition is that you do the work in the middle. That’s the condition. 

You prepare the audition on your own. Every actor does.

So you should summarize on your own. It builds your confidence.

If they said, ‘Good job’ then you probably did.  But don’t you do a good job every audition? You’re a professional, you’re prepared, and you have TV and movie experience.

Watch out that your desperation doesn’t have you holding onto what they said after the audition. Their comments are not meant to assist you with your next audition. Casting people are simply being professional and thanking you with typical industry phrases.

Most of the factors in casting are out of your control and you’re not privy to the discussions the producers have. 

What is in your control is your acting. 

Keep getting better and better at that.