Kiss, kick, kill.

Your audition sides may call for you to kiss, kick or kill. 

What is the best question to pose? Is it: How can I show that? Or, is it: How can I use that?

You never have to show the producers that you know what is written in a scene. You won’t get cast for doing that. If a tiger appears before you in the scene you don’t have to make sure the producers know that you know it’s a tiger!

They do want to see you truly fearful.

What will assist your acting is finding out what happens to you before, during, and after the kiss, kick or kill. How does it change your breathing? How you feel? 

Don’t give up the opportunity to play those moments because they seem difficult to do.

For a kiss you can close your eyes, you can move your mouth, you can put your arms around yourself – anything; if you like it and believe it. You’re not doing any of that to indicate anything. Or, you can do nothing and just live truthfully through it. Breathe through it.

Point is to mark the moment for your playing.

Ask those good questions: Is it the first kiss, the last one, the kiss of death, kissing a baby, kissing a loved one good-bye, a mother’s kiss etc.?

These activities do not have to be mimed. Get rid of that idea right away. 

Holding a gun. No one will notice if you’re just pointing your finger as the gun. How you mark it does not matter as long as you are in the scene. 

Do it – point your finger. Hold your hand up to your ear as a phone. 

All good.

You will not look stupid. They will be watching you – your eyes, face, body – hearing your voice connected - and the gun-hand will be peripheral. 

If they are looking at your hand – well…

Rather than these iconic activities in audition scenes being a burden learn to make them serve you.