Knowing your lines.

No actor ever got cast in a movie because they learned their lines.

You get cast in a movie if your acting is good enough and if you look and sound the way the producers and director want.

All actors learn their lines. It is kind of the first thing we set out to do.

In an audition it is key to show yourself doing something. Don’t get diverted by trying to remember lines during the audition.

Your best approach is to Learn a Situation, not to Memorize a Scene. Learning it puts you in, memorizing out; calling it a situation puts you in, a scene removes you.

You won’t be reprimanded for not knowing your lines, this isn’t school – it’s the movie business. The casting people will know you’re prepared by how you play the scene.

Carry your sides or don’t carry them, it doesn’t matter. You need to find what works for you. Don’t pay attention to any gossip you hear about casting directors ‘Hating it when an actor holds their sides.’ 


This isn’t a job interview, it’s an audition. Big difference.

If you have a large chunk of dialogue and are overwhelmed with ‘How am I ever going to learn this speech?’ then flip it and say to yourself: ‘I’ll stay in the situation with the lines I know, play the scene, and when I come to the long speech, I’ll still stay in, but I’ll read it.’ Bingo! Weight off your mind leaving your preparation to move ahead more freely. 

If the idea and practice of memorizing allows you to play truthfully – then fine.

Be smart in these auditions and set yourself up for success.