Make trouble for yourself.

Find moments in the scene where you have to struggle.

To fight.

There might be a place where you are only giving your partner 50% of your attention. When she gives you the news you’ll be jerked to 100% attention. You’ll be caught off guard.

That’s useful.

To you as a player – having to struggle on the spot. And for the audience -  who love to see a character trying to overcome an obstacle.

Learn to find those moments in scenes. They’re gold.

‘Life is messy’. That’s the watchword. Find moments when you are in the ‘mess’. Best messy moments are like those that you yourself get into. 

Maybe there’s a place where it’s easy. You’re dreaming; having a peaceful time of it. Then, more news – the event – hits you and you fight to regain your balance.


You may or may not let your partner see you getting hit with the news. See you fighting to regain your balance.

Sometimes the simple act of trying to remember complicated text can be the ‘trouble’. Or remembering the blocking. 

You’re trying to put yourself on the hook; not get off the hook.

Look for trouble.