Mean it.

That means you mean it.

The ‘you’ is understood. It is a very useful reminder phrase to keep you playing truthfully. It is simple and direct and with the you understood it can keep you on the hook and not off it.

Try using these simple guide phrases and see if they assist you. Just before they call ‘action’ you can say, ‘I’m going to mean it’. Or after a scene you can ask yourself, ‘Did I mean that?’.

You have to practice something – including a simple technique like this -  seriously for a period of time before you can tell if it assists you, otherwise it’s an opinion and not based on your experience.

Observe yourself in life when you really mean something and feel where that comes from. Observe the difference between meaning it in life and acting it in a scene. 

As James Cagney said: ‘Hit your mark, look the other fellow in the eye and mean what you say.’ 

Don’t act it - mean it.