In acting class, the other day, students said that they were glad to have permission to cry, swear, shout or insult.

I’m not so sure about permission. When it comes to acting.

Is willingness the opposite of permission?

All actors must be willing. Willing to try what the director or coach suggests.

The permission to try should be a given on day one. The day you say you’re an actor.

What does it mean to be professional? Part of the meaning is that permission is already and always given. 

Is there a veil of reluctance in the society today? A veil that the young actor feels can only be lifted by the authority. The authority giving permission to lift it.

Authority exists but not to give or take away the actor’s work. The authority may alter the work, direct it, stop it, start it, but no permission is ever required to do it.

The same holds true on the business side. The agent/actor relationship requires no permission. It requires each party fulfilling their side of the agreement.

Being professional.

When you are in the actor’s union and you sign a contract to play a role you have an obligation and a duty. As well as rights and privileges. They must be fulfilled – no permission needed.

The popular phrase of ‘giving oneself permission’ is an interesting one.