A peaceful pocket of time.

Observe when you’re in time and it’s peaceful.

You’ll be in thought then.

Seeing you thinking on screen is something we want. Try to learn when you’re in time and to identify different blocks of time.

Time can be like being on a train that is carrying you along. Which train; which track.

Waiting can be peaceful. It is for me. If I go to a store with a friend and they go inside to shop I love waiting outside. The security of knowing they’re inside; the security of knowing they’re coming back out. I wait, in peace. 

Time stands still for me.

That zone of transported time is useful to experience and to be able to reproduce on demand.

As an actor you know about Time. Keep exploring it.

This particular time – a peaceful pocket – is just one specific time block. Something that I observed.

Which ones do you notice?