Do you get dazzled by the razzle?

The Americans have been dazzling Canadians for a very long time. Economic, political, military, – and cultural razzle. 

You’re an actor and you’ve played some wonderful roles on TV series, in independent films and theatre, so try and balance that worth with the worth of a role in a big American production. 

American features shooting in Canada offer virtually nothing but small roles to local actors. 

Yet, the fanfare and hoopla – the razzle – prior to production paints a glittering picture. Note if it diverts you.

The issue is not to feel second-class. 

Note your worth based on the roles you’ve played, your life’s experience and being human. 

To believe that everything in America is better is to put you and your work down. Projects of excellence abound throughout the world not just in Hollywood.

The exciting idea of ‘acting with’ or ‘being directed by’ a Hollywood name is often deflated by the reality on set where, with your small role, you have very little collaboration. 

Sometimes it’s even humiliating.

Like the time my colleague was working with the director Richard Donner and instead of using the two Canadian actor’s names giving direction he shouted, ‘Get the two Canadians to enter quicker!’.

Yes, it is a wonderful mark in your career to be in an Academy Award winning movie, but it’s not the be-all and the end-all.

It’s your space. Take your place.