Skin as thin as glass.

That’s what you need when acting on camera. It’s both literal and figurative.

Let us see you. 

When you drop in and believe, your skin literally changes. It slackens and opens. We go in with you. As you have more experience and train properly you will learn to - open your skin. 

The screen loves and demands this intimacy, seeing into your psyche. Allowing you out and the viewer in. 

It’s acting for camera.

Watch actors and see when their skin is as thin as glass. Watch yourself and see when you feel your face, skin, and body open up. Note when you’re tight and we don’t see as much.

Relaxing does it but it might be more complex than just relaxing. 

To survive the movie business you need the opposite: a very thick skin. 

Skin as thin as glass when acting - thick skin when in the business. A great guide of opposites for an actor.