‘Slate your name and height.’

Audie Murphy was a movie star in the 1950’s and was 1.65 metres tall or 5 foot 4.

Kiefer Sutherland is 1.75 metres tall or 5 foot 7. Lucy Liu: 5 foot 2, Rachel McAdam: 5 foot 3, Catherine Deneuve: 5 foot 5, Reese Witherspoon: 5 foot 1, and Tom Cruise: 5 foot 5. 

On the other hand, Yaphet Koto 6 foot 2, Denzel Washington 6 foot, Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman are tall. 

Why are you asked to give your height on video while auditioning for a role in a movie? Why not your weight or your shoe size? Ask around and see what you find out. See what your agent says. Maybe ask a director or producer on set. 

It certainly isn’t because tall people will sell more Coke, or short people more cars.

No, it’s because Hollywood wants the casting to be ‘height-perfect’. So the lead actors look just right. So the show fulfils the Hollywood icons to type. So the viewer is never confused by the height of the characters, who the good and bad guys are. 

Or who is going to get the girl, or save America, or is funny.

If the show is perfect then more Coke and cars will be sold.

So much of casting is based on how you look.

Alan Ladd was short and they used to dig a hole beside him for the other actor to stand in so he looked taller.