Small parts.

Why should you feel bad playing a small role?

If you’re in a large company such as Stratford where the season is long it means you have work for a good period of time.

You deserve it.

You’ve trained, given your time, had disappointments, auditioned, so, in a way, you’ve earned this work. It isn’t taxing but having work that is easy to do is part of your actor’s life.

It’s like shooting a commercial and not doing too much in it and then receiving residuals over a few years. Well, it isn’t a gift given from someone, it’s just part of the overall payment to you for your actor’s life.

You’ve certainly had many jobs that are difficult.

Having good actors supporting the leads is crucial. That is why they are called supporting parts – they support.

 ‘There are no small parts, only small actors.’ is the old adage. Truth is, there are small parts and those that play them are not small actors.

This idea that only the most famous actors are of worth is really pernicious.