Why argue?

Arguing and discussing are two different things.

If you’re rehearsing a play, practicing in class, or blocking a scene, why are you arguing?

You have a right to give your view, as long as it moves the discussion forward, or develops the work. 

Arguing is a hallmark of today’s culture. We learn it in grade school: ‘I’m right!’

‘No, I am!’ ‘Yes, I did!’ ‘No, you didn’t!’ ‘Oh, yeah?’ ‘Yeah!’. 

The more serious and extreme example of this is brinkmanship – High Noon.

Not a discussion but an argument.

Develop the culture of discussion while working with your colleagues. Part of the overall development of culture in society is the way in which we solve problems together. The form that takes.

Give your view and present your case sharply so it assists the development of work or an idea.

What does winning an argument give rise to?