Why go to the audition?

Going to an audition without doubt or hesitation is good.

However, before you go, it’s not bad to ask yourself: ‘Do I want to go to this audition?’ You should consider both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as possible answers.

Looking at the facts might help you clarify the ‘yes’ answer.

  • it’s an opportunity to get a role

  • it’s your job

  • agents, producers and directors remember your audition

  • it fulfils your agreement with your agent

  • they can consider you for another role

  • keeps you part of the industry

  • contact with your peers

The ‘no’ answer is all you really have as an actor. The state of the industry has you in a difficult position to say no. Sometimes saying no can put you in conflict with the producers, agents and casting directors.

Projects that are racist, sexist, anti-human, pornographic, dangerous etc. are ones you might say no to.

Taking a stand based on your conscience is something to be proud of and puts you alongside all the good actors before you who said no.

Having a clear head as to why you’re going to an audition helps you act better.