'Yahoo! Whoopee!’ – ‘Whoa the horses!'

Riding a horse at full gallop you’re wont to cry out, ‘Yahoo! Whoopee!’.

As in: 'I landed a big role in a big movie. It’s amazing. I'm amazing.’

That’s euphoria. Where you can believe, 'This is my life forever' and it can only lead one way. Down. 

Down to depression. 

They are linked. Opposite sides of the same coin. 

Try and learn to be sober-minded about your success. Watch the sagacity of the common actor’s description of life, ‘The ups and downs.’.

Natural highs are good. They are part of life just as the natural low is. These ebbs and flows must be rooted to your life in the real world.

Euphoria is a state where, drugged-like, you leave this real world and enter one in your own mind.

Try and keep your feet on the ground in success and in difficulty. 

‘Whoa the horses!’ will stop your galloping horse going off the cliff.