You’ll be one of the first to know.

You’ve done an audition and are dying to know if you got the part. Fair enough. It’s understandable - roles are damned hard to land.

So, you call your agent and ask if you got the part. 

Good idea?

My agent once told me: ‘John, if you’re booked on a show you’ll be one of the first to know.’   Sound advice.

Watch out that you don’t set yourself up for humiliation. Be professional and try to withstand the harsh winds of this business. Your agent has no idea if you’ve booked the job until casting calls and says so. 

Then your agent will call you.

Desperation is easy to fall into. The very nature of show business gives rise to it. 

Stay on the high road and know that your work is good, you have experience, and you’re ready, willing, and able to land another part.

Build your willpower to resist the urges that put you into a pit.

It takes too much energy to keep crawling out. 

Dorian Thornton

Dorian Thornton is a Toronto-based web developer and designer. Dorian was pursuing a degree in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo when his band, Austra, released its first record to critical acclaim. Now you can find him playing bass somewhere in the world, coding websites or cooking elaborate meals at home.