Try to like how you’re playing the scene, or doing an audition, acting in your close-up, or your first blocking for camera.

Doing an audition, acting in your close-up, first blocking for camera.

The wonderful acting teacher, Keith Johnstone, asks the following question after an improv finishes: ‘…did you like it; did you enjoy it; was it pleasurable; was it fun?’.

Try not to get sidetracked by trying to have so much fun. Don’t try to fulfil the ideal of it. 

Rather, pick a small and real thing that you like, it can be anything – the sound of your voice, the fact you know your lines, your hairdo, or a belief in you character’s outlook. 

Anything like that can be enough for you to say: ‘This isn’t like going to the dentist. I like my work’. 

‘Do you like what you’re doing?’ is not just a small question…it’s everything.