Technical Dialogue.

Learning technical dialogue in a scene can be difficult.

Legal, medical, military, scientific.

Try separating it from the ‘playing’ part of the scene. Usually most of the scene is playable – then there’s the technical language -  so you could lift it out, learn it separately and then put it back in. 

The playing part of the scene you can ‘learn’ and the technical part ...

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‘Slate your name and height.’

Audie Murphy was a movie star in the 1950’s and was 1.65 metres tall or 5 foot 4.

Kiefer Sutherland is 1.75 metres tall or 5 foot 7. Lucy Liu: 5 foot 2, Rachel McAdam: 5 foot 3, Catherine Deneuve: 5 foot 5, Reese Witherspoon: 5 foot 1, and Tom Cruise: 5 foot 5. 

On the other hand, Yaphet Koto 6 foot 2, Denzel Washington 6 foot, Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman are tall. 

Why are you asked to give ...

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